From our backyard to yours…

The sizzle of hot coals.  The aroma of smoking meats and roasting vegetables.  Long, lazy afternoons grilling in the backyard, sharing great food and good times with family and friends.  These are the memories created with every bite of JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings.

JuicieBootieBBQRibsOur family always loves to entertain, and what better way to do it than with unique and flavorful foods, like smoked BBQ ribs, juicy grilled chicken, seared steaks and roasted vegetables?  We had tried all kinds of store-bought marinades and dry rubs, but they just didn’t deliver the flavor we were looking for.  So, we’d tinker with them, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that to get that added pizzazz, but we still weren’t fully satisfied.

Finally, we created our own seasoning with hand-blended herbs and spices to get the taste we wanted. We used it for steaks, roasts, burgers, chicken, fish, ribs, veggies… the combinations were virtually limitless.  Best of all, our guests loved it!  “You should sell this!” they’d tell us.  And so, JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings was born.


JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings are truly unique. To make sure that you get the best flavor possible, we hand blend our dry rubs in small batches, using only fine, high quality, natural  ingredients from around the globe. Just compare our competitors’ rubs with ours.  We’re confident we’ll win you over hands down.

JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings are versatile. Our customers are using them on beef, chicken, fish, pork, veggies, mixed in salad dressing, in ketchup, on pasta, in sauces and soups and stews, and even in sandwiches for that extra little something.  No matter the time of year, sprinkle some JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings onto your favorite dishes to get that backyard barbecue taste every day.JUICIE BOOTIE Rub

 JUICIE BOOTIE BBQ Rubs & Seasonings are a product of Angel Ray Gourmet Foods, a company we founded and named after our children.  Their grandmother and a friend designed our label and logo. We named our adorable little mascot, “Rosie,” after the kids’ great grandmother.  This company is truly a family affair.

We are proud of our JUICIE BOOTIE product line and we are certain that, once you try them, you will enjoy them as much as we appreciate making them for you!

JUICIE BOOTIE Rub, For the GRUB You Luv!

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